Summary of List Premier's Software Programs

(A) The Jungle Beat Child Development and Enrichment Program
  • Can be used to create learning centres worldwide
  • The Program is split into three separate packages, the
    • Junior Jungle Beat is an exciting English interactive program for complete Beginner's aged 3 to 6 years old. It is ideal for learning English as a second language or English as a first language.
      Junior Jungle Beat is comprised out of 12 modules which cover a range of topics such as the alphabet, phonics, vocabulary, basic sentence patterns, functional and basic grammar, and conversation. Furthermore the program develops the motor skills and self-esteem of the youngsters.
    • The Jungle Beat Child Development and Language Program, suitable for 7 to 10 year olds is a fantastic stand-alone program or as a continue on for Junior Jungle Beat.
      The purpose of the Jungle Beat Child Development and Language Program is to give children a solid English language foundation to set them up for life and to make learning English fun, rewarding, and lasting. Additionally the program stimulates brain development, knowledge enrichment, and critical thinking. The program incorporates cross curricular activities such as maths, science, and geography, in order to enhance the learning enjoyment and effectiveness.
      The programs covers a very wide range of topics such as grammar, vocabulary, sentence building, presentations, using grammar in real life, increasing vocabulary, grammar rules, situational English , and many more.
    • The Jungle Beat Enrichment Program is suitable for 11 to 15 year olds. As the name suggests, it is an enrichment program designed to stimulate brain development, develop critical thinking, and to enrich and expand the knowledge of students by exposing them to interesting, fun, and easy to learn lessons across various scientific disciplines. Topics include: physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, meteorology, basic mathematics, technology, cultures, and geography.
      The Jungle Beat Enrichment Program is a must for generating an early interest in science and engineering. Complex scientific concepts and information is made simple, interesting, and fun.
  • The complete Jungle Beat Package comprises:
    • 12 fully interactive Child Developement and Language Program lessons on DVD
    • 12 fully interactive Enrichment lessons on DVD
    • 12 fully interactive Junior Jungle Beat Language Development lessons on a DVD
    • 30 modules from the Interactive Grammar Program (Teaches English grammar)
    • 9 modules from the Visual Science Program (Interactive Science Program)

We are seeking motivated individuals, schools, after hours centres, or companies to become Distributors, Master Licensees, and/or Jungle Beat Learning Centre Licensees (this allows you to offer our programs at your existing centre(s) or at a new centre you wish to open).

(B) School-based Education

Programs available to Licensed Distributors to sell worldwide to schools, kindergartens, language centres, etc. include:

  • Interactive Grammar (English Grammar).
  • Visual Sciences A program to make science fun and easy to learn.
  • Child and Language Development Program Language training for Children.
  • Shine! An Interactive and Visual Focus on God of the Bible.
  • The Jungle Beat Child Development and Enrichment Program. An exciting, beatiful, fun, educational, cutting edge 2D and 3D rendered-look, interactive program.
(C) Technical Training
  • VisualTrade: A 41 module 4 year certified Vocational Training (VET) Program for electricians.
  • Underground Coal Mine Safety Program: A 10 module detailed Safety Program focusing on working in an underground coal mine.
  • Visual Safety : A 25 module Health and Safety Training Program for mining, industrial, and manufacturing workplaces. An excellent induction program. First Aid modules are included.
  • Technical Training programs can be translated or modified to suit any client.
  • Fully custom programs can be created for any client and for any use (See below).


Technical Training programs can be translated into any language or modified to suit any customer's needs. Fully customised programs can be created for any client and for any use.
List Premier's programs can be made available for smart phones, tablets, and over the internet.

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